Assassin's Creed






Feref Ltd


My Role

• Concept, design and artwork of logo


The design of the Assassin's Creed logo is one of my proudest achievements. Over the years I’ve seen my original design updated, modified, adjusted and embellished and it makes me immensely proud that the core essence has remained throughout. I aimed to create an instantly recognizable logo and symbol that could work in a historical setting as well as a futuristic one. As a starting point I looked at the origins of the word ‘Assassin’ and came across theories that believe it derives from the Arabic word ‘Hashshashin’. Whether or not this is true is unclear but it led me to look at Arabic letter forms as inspiration for the symbol. I also researched the weapons commonly used during the game’s historic time period and created abstract blade shapes based on them. The stylised “A” symbol is a conceptual combination of these two lines of research. With the symbol finished I moved onto the text of the logo individually crafting and modifying each letter to give the logo a unique look and feel based on the blade-like forms I had already established.